Multi-site OpenStack clouds

With a single, integrated orchestration platform

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Service Provider Edge Clouds

Learn how CPLANE and Canonical have teamed to build globally-distributed clouds for a premier telecommunications service provider.

Quickly build clouds at the network edge to reduce latency

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Seamlessly and securely orchestrate multiple clouds at once

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The Mobile Edge

“While OpenStack is limited to orchestrating and managing tenants and services within a single data center, CPLANE’s MSM extends that service- and tenant-centric management view to a multisite cloud model.”

Enterprise Management Associates
Impact Brief

Learn how CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager lets you quickly and easily build private and hybrid clouds that span multiple sites.

“CPLANE’s strong MPLS background and legacy IP assets/code base give it a head start on the numerous competitors in this market that have started from scratch.”

— 451 Research

“Simple solution to a complex problem.”

— Network Architect Tier-1 Telco Service Provider

“There is little argument that virtual networking gets complex quickly and presents scaling and performance challenges, and this appears to substantiate CPLANE’s claim of the value of being able to adapt existing and field-proven software.”

— 451 Research

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