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Applications, say hello to your new network!TM

CPLANE’s software-only solution automates creation of WAN and LAN network services with a highly intelligent SDN platform. Network services that were created manually are now created automatically with a drag-and-drop UI, or without any human intervention through API’s. The result is highly deterministic network services that are far better engineered (bandwidth-aware traffic engineering, QoS, admission control, etc.) than can be consistently done by humans. Through advanced discovery, modeling and service orchestration, CPLANE automates not only the low-level infrastructure configuration and management of data center and wide area networks, but also the higher-level, value-add functions such as network virtualization, routing, policy and QoS. For customers with more than one data center and the business requirements of rapid application deployment and workload mobility, CPLANE delivers network services faster and more reliably with less experienced/lower cost people – on existing network infrastructure. Since CPLANE is a software-only solution with no vendor-specific dependencies, we offer the added advantage of providing a path to new network architectures and technologies, and away from vendor lock-in.

Our leading-edge SDN Service Orchestration Platform is designed to maximize performance, scalability and ease of use in the rapidly converging virtualized data center, cloud computing and software-defined networking marketplace – providing a best of breed productivity platform for developing and managing policy-based network virtualization applications and services to enable dynamic workload management.

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, CPLANE NETWORKS is rooted in cutting-edge networking automation technology developed by a stellar team from Cambridge University, AT&T, Cisco and Juniper Networks.

CPLANE NETWORKS® is a Registered Trademark of CPLANE NETWORKS, Inc.
Applications, say hello to your new network! is a Trademark of CPLANE NETWORKS, Inc.