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Applications, say hello to your new network!TM

CPLANE NETWORKS is a software-only solution that intelligently automates and manages the orchestration of edge clouds.

Built on a telco-grade service provisioning platform, CPLANE orchestrates virtual and physical cloud infrastructure for OpenStack and other virtualized infrastructure managers. Via integrated software-defined networking, our platform delivers high-performance virtual cloud networks within data centers, at customer premise sites, and at the mobile-edge, all with integrated network connectivity between sites and to public clouds.

CPLANE’s orchestration platform easily scales to thousands of highly-distributed micro-sites for NFV, IoT and latency-sensitive mobile-edge applications.

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, CPLANE NETWORKS is rooted in cutting-edge networking automation technology developed by a stellar team from Cambridge University, AT&T, Cisco and Juniper Networks.

CPLANE NETWORKS® is a Registered Trademark of CPLANE NETWORKS, Inc.
Applications, say hello to your new network! is a Trademark of CPLANE NETWORKS, Inc.