OpenStack Networking

Software-Defined Networking that scales

CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) delivers rock-solid OpenStack networking performance for mission-critical applications. DVNd sets the benchmark for ease of use, performance and reliability. Application developers need speed and agility. IT operations needs predictable and repeatable services. DVNd gives you both.


Fast, Easy Deployment

DVNd uses streamlined Red Hat, Canonical and Mirantis packaging to make installation fast and error free. Auto-registration and auto-recovery of compute nodes eliminates error-prone manual configuration.

Scale on Demand

VXLAN eliminates the hassle and constraints of VLANs and Spanning Tree Protocols. DVNd gives you 16 million secure virtual subnets.

High Performance

All critical services are local at each compute node – L2 Virtual Switching, L3 Virtual Routing, DHCP, Floating IP, NAT, ARP Proxy, DDoS Protection. Proactive calculation and automatic push of highly-optimized flow rules eliminates inefficiencies of mesh networks.

Seamless Connectivity

Integration with Overlay Gateway Router and Dynamic Virtual Networks – Interconnect (DVNi) enables easy connectivity to external resources and multi-site OpenStack clouds.

Operational Insight

Complete hierarchical and graphical insight into all tenants, subnets, virtual routers, virtual switches, compute nodes and flow rules. End-point to End-point integrity checking provides unmatched operational assurance.


  • Leverage the power of industry-leading distributions
  • Break down scaling limitations and barriers
  • Deliver a “connectable” cloud service
  • Reduce the need for specialized networking skills
  • Streamline operations and eliminate finger pointing

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