WAN Automation

Automate your WAN

With Dynamic Virtual Networks – Interconnect (DVNi) you can now extend your networking infrastructure across town, across the country or across the globe. DVNi eliminates the complexity typically associated with the design and operation of wide area network services by automating all aspects of network configuration and service provisioning.


Complete WAN Life Cycle Automation

Start by discovering all your WAN assets. Next, quickly build a resilient traffic-engineered MPLS core. Then add Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs to provide secure connectivity between cloud centers, remote sites, legacy data centers and public clouds.

Sophisticated Traffic Planning and Optimization

DVNi calculates optimal layouts for resilient fast reroutes and disjoint backup paths. Quickly add new trunks with sophisticated bandwidth, QoS and resource constraints.

Service Assurance

Resource-based admission control and traffic shaping, along with policy management for overbooking, security and QoS ensure full SLA compliance. Automated configuration of VRFs, MP-BGP and PE-CE interfaces deliver end-to-end service integrity.

New Service Development

A multi-layer physical and logical topology model, combined with service logic and network behavior abstraction, allow fast development of new services through a composite workflow editor.

Operational Insight and Flexibility

DVNi’s multi-function user interface provides full control of customer/tenant management, service creation and activation, and traffic engineering. As with all CPLANE products, DVNi services can be easily provisioned via open APIs.


  • Take control of your WAN strategy and management
  • Provision new services in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in with multi-vendor support
  • Dramatically improve operational visibility and insight
  • Quickly create new revenue-generating services

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