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Effortlessly build distributed OpenStack clouds

Applications are dynamic… elastic… distributed… They no longer live in the confines of a single data center, neatly tucked into the traditional vertically-integrated silo model. Your OpenStack cloud needs to be just as dynamic, elastic and distributed. CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager (MSM) easily transforms distributed OpenStack sites into a single customer-centric cloud.


Service Orchestration Coordination

MSM easily integrates with northbound service domains (e.g., customer portals, business support systems) via ReST APIs to coordinate, consolidate and simultaneously provision requests for OpenStack compute, storage and networking. 

Customer Management

MSM handles new customer propagation and synchronization, including customer credentials, across all targeted OpenStack sites. A centralized topology maintains a customer-centric view of all allocated resources for northbound service management and back-office processing (e.g., inventory, accounting, billing). 

Integrated Connectivity

Overlay Gateway Routers are automatically provisioned and configured at each remote site to provide connectivity between customer subnets, remote sites and public clouds. 

OpenStack Resource Management and Synchronization

MSM handles the creation of all VMs and related objects (e.g., storage), and all network services to support new VM requests. Auto-discovery and synchronization of OpenStack site caches ensure resource consistency and coherency and provide a single-cloud view across multiple sites. 

Operational Integration and Insight

A single, customer-centric topology is presented upstream to BSS platforms to create a complete picture of all cloud resources allocated to each customer. Deep visibility into each cloud instance gives unparalleled operational insight. 


  • Easily transform distributed clouds into an integrated customer solution
  • Quickly build distributed clouds to solve performance issues
  • Create new revenue-generating cloud services
  • Eliminate the need for multiple provisioning and management platforms
  • Combine DVNd and DVNi with MSM to deliver a complete end-to-end solution in a single integrated package

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