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The CPLANE NETWORKS Orchestration Platform provides a full range of capabilities for quickly and easily creating virtual networking services. A software-only solution, the Platform can be seamlessly deployed with existing operational systems to deliver end-to-end software-defined networking (SDN) service orchestration for enterprises and service providers. The Platform delivers multi-site orchestration of cloud services for global cloud centers, network edge clouds such as central offices and customer premise equipment, and mobile-edge clouds.

  • Carrier-grade platform
  • Designed for mega-scale performance and reliability
  • Common basis for all CPLANE NETWORKS products and services
  • Complete integration across the data center, WAN and network edge

Key features

  • Zero touch deployment and service configuration
  • Independently scalable system components for optimal performance
  • Auto discovery of virtual and physical network components and services
  • Complete device and service abstraction for technology and vendor independence
  • Integrated service development environment for rapid creation of new network services
  • Open APIs for easy integration with external orchestration systems
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CPLANE NETWORKS Orchestration Platform Architecture

CPLANE NETWORKS Orchestration Platform Features

Multi-Site Management

Simultaneously orchestrates virtualized infrastructure services across multiple distributed sites. Handles all customer identity management services to provide a single, customer-centric cloud view.

Open APIs

Provides a rich set of service APIs to consolidate and coordinate service requests from OSS/BSS platforms, cloud brokers, NFV orchestrators, management applications, etc.

Northbound Services

Provides easy access to a full range of business and operational management and orchestration services. Utilizes Representational State Transfer (REST) protocol to ensure maximum integration and service portability.

Topology and State

Highly extensible information model and data store that manages multiple topology views along with element and service operational state. Provides detail component information that enables full abstraction (device, vendor, service, etc.) to ensure maximum flexibility, protect infrastructure investments and avoid vendor lock-in.

Policy Management

Integrated policy management that supports both internal and external policy definition and deployment. Policies can be as simple as access control list configuration or can support multi-stage Layer 4-7 and NFV service chaining utilizing Topology and State information to make realtime deployment decisions.

Path and Flow Computation

Proactive path and flow computation utilizing Topology and State information to create routing solutions. Utilizes sophisticated traffic engineering functions to create optimal paths and flows using multiple routing algorithms, including complete backup path calculations for service assurance.

Service Orchestration

Transactional service provisioning with rollback to ensure operational integrity. Supports complex service chaining with complete dependency mapping and topology correlation. Service provisioning utilizes asynchronous, concurrent processing to accelerate deployment of large scale environments.

Southbound Services

Rich set of device and service configuration protocols and methods to ensure maximum support and integration of a wide variety of network architectures and vendors. Supports rapid development of new device types and models, utilizing Topology and State services to isolate impact of infrastructure changes.

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