Use Case – Edge Clouds

Mobile operators, service and content providers, over the top players and independent software vendors are developing new services to enable them to play complementary and profitable roles within their respective business models and allow them to monetize the mobile broadband experience. Proximity, context, agility and speed can be translated into value and can create these opportunities. Edge Clouds allow applications, services and content to be accelerated, increasing responsiveness and further reducing latency. The user experience can be enriched through better network and service operations, enhanced through insight into the mobile-edge conditions.

CPLANE Solution

CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager delivers OpenStack orchestration that allows you to build clouds that are specifically tailored to the micro-site architectures of the edge cloud. Using open APIs, MSM seamlessly integrates with other cloud service platforms (e.g., OSS/BSS, cloud brokers, NFV orchestrations, etc.), and provides the fine-grained control required for small footprint solutions located at the network edge. When combined with CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) for high-performance OpenStack networking, MSM delivers the integrated connectivity required for sophisticated NFV and application services. 

Industry Perspective

The edge will need some serious muscle.” This is what Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst Thomas Bittman says about the future of edge clouds. Traditional application hosting and cloud services simply aren’t the right model to deliver the real-time responsiveness required by new edge applications and services. It’s going to take a new platform that can deploy hyper-distributed edge clouds where and when they’re needed – and that’s exactly what CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager does for Service Providers and Over-the-Top players. 

Edge cloud orchestration for NFV and IoT

Edge clouds are the new model for delivering resources for more powerful Internet of Things (IoT) devices and intelligent edge applications. By placing compute, storage and networking at the very edges of the network, edge clouds allow sophisticated IoT devices and applications to make decisions based on different criteria and events. 

Our latest infographic – The Case for Edge Clouds – takes a look at a few interesting use cases. 

Edge cloud orchestration for NFV and IoT


Learn more about CPLANE’s partner ecosystem of leading technology and service providers for delivering hyper-distributed micro-sites at the mobile-edge for NFV and IoT.

Typical Mobile-Edge Applications

Online gaming


Edge analytics

Sensor data services

Enhanced communications services

Industry 4.0

Health/sports services

New automotive services

CPLANE Products

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