Use Case – Distributed NFV

Service providers are rapidly moving new capabilities to the edges of their networks to satisfy requirements for security, voice and data convergence, policy and charging rules, gateways, and much more. These new capabilities are being rapidly virtualized (Network Function Virtualization) to remove the need for specialized hardware, which results in dynamic capabilities that can be linked together to create sophisticated service chains. Traditional central office infrastructure is being repurposed (Central Office Rearchitected as a Datacenter – (CORD)) into Infrastructure-as-a-Service engines that quickly enable new virtualized provider edge (PE) and customer premise equipment (CPE) solutions. 

CPLANE Solution

CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager manages complex OpenStack cloud orchestration tasks across hundreds to thousands of distributed endpoints. The granularity of control that MSM provides is ideal for creating complex services that are comprised of multiple virtualized network functions (VNF) that must work together to form a specific solution. Combined with CPLANE’s Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd), MSM provides services on a wide variety of virtual and physical platforms, including whitebox switches. Utilizing VNFs from a rich partner ecosystem, MSM provides full life cycle support for dynamic network edge services. 

Solution Overview

CPLANE NETWORKS has teamed with industry leaders Telco Systems and to deliver a fully-integrated NFV platform that can be deployed at any location in the network – in cloud data centers, at the network edge (CORD), on customer premises, or in mobile edge clouds. The solution removes the complexity and time normally associated with trying to build a solution for the ground up with untested components. The combination of CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager with Telco Systems’ CloudMetro platform and RIFT’s RIFT.ware NFV lifecycle management gives you complete control of the onboarding, orchestration and scaling of NFV and network services. 


Learn more about CPLANE’s partner ecosystem of leading technology and service providers for delivering distributed NFV services at the network edge.

Typical Distributed NFV Applications

Virtual CPE

Evolved Packet Core

IP Multimedia Systems

Content Delivery Networks

Virtual Mobile Core

Base Band Unit Virtualization


CPLANE Products

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